Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Making Media Oyster Mushroom Cultivation

Creating media oyster mushroom cultivation is not difficult. Moreover, to obtain the raw material is also quite easy.

Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Media

The oyster mushroom cultivation medium consisting of a mixture of:

  • Sawdust with composition 81%. Sawdust material is derived from the type of wood that is contained therein is not a lot of oil. For example pine, acacia, dadap, banyan tree, dadap, chrysolite, rubber, etc.. But it should come from dicotyledonous wood and soft wood has a lifespan of more than ten years.
  • Smooth with Bran Bran composition of 18% which will be used must be bran new and still fresh. Because the bran that has been stored, less well when used as a medium for the cultivation of oyster mushroom. Because the bran is already experiencing clots because fermentation.
  • Chalk with the composition of 1%. Limestone is used for functions that are able to make a neutral growing medium. So that the media can be covered by the oyster mushroom.

The three types of this material is mixed with a way to add water until the water level reaches 50-60 percent. To test it is to take the oyster mushroom cultivation media that has been mixed earlier.

Hold your using a tight fist and open your hand. If the media does not have clumping tears easily destroyed again and again, then the water level is sufficient.

Making Baglog 

Mixed media oyster mushroom cultivation and composted. By way piled two feet and covered in plastic until the temperature up to 50 degrees Celsius for two days and the pH reached 6 or 7. 

When finished composted for two days, planting medium is divided by one and a half pounds and then put into plastic PP and compacted. At the end of the plastic just above the growing medium installed plastic rings or pieces of plastic gutter. After it stuffed with kapok or cotton. Now the media has become oyster mushroom cultivation, the medium was named baglog. 

Baglog-baglog is then introduced into the drum room sterilization or sterilization with temperatures 90 to 95 degrees Celsius for approximately five to ten hours.

Seed inoculation 

After baglog was completed undergoing a process of sterilization, inoculation and then transferred to a room that had been cleaned. After baglog inoculated with oyster mushroom spawn, and then incubated at room temperature 25-30 degrees Celsius. 

After waiting for forty days baglog usually are covered by white mycelium. Baglog then transferred into kumbung. Treatment in the form of maintaining the temperature of the air in order to stay at the desired temperature and regular watering is still needed. Till the end of the harvest arrives and you begin to reap the results.

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